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It's Sudoku Time Again!!!

Sudoku challenge is back!!!

Hee... Must start my training now...
Hope to get sis and mum to take part with me. Not really for the prize but for the fun of it. If any one of us of them got into the finals, then they got a taste of my "nervousness" last year. Ha ha...

Jia you Jia you...

Pleasant Surprise!!!

It has just been 2 weeks and these 2 weeks have been super busy...

Was quite upset and angry with myself for a mistake done at work... so was feeling quite down these 2 days... But, today, at break time, Jen had a surprise for me... A redemption paper was found on my laptop... So took it to her to redeem. Hee... And to my surprise, it's .......................


Wow... she actually went all the way to Ghim Moh market in the morning to get my favourite food. Really touched by her gesture. It really makes my day better. Especially to know that my best friend is always there for me...

Thanks Jen, thanks for being such a wonderful friend... :)

Last Day of 2008

Looking back at what I've written in the previous entry 'Last Day of 2007', I'm now writing about 'Last Day of 2008'. Time really flies...

Think this year was quite okie... though there were some 'nightmares' during the beginning of the year. but the good thing is I managed to 'complete' the year's work.

Glad that I've experienced the feeling of going up the Singapore Flyer...

This year, didn't do much scrapbooking... think I'm getting lazy. :P Started beading though... had some fun making earrings and bracelets... but getting slower too. Hee... sometimes, it's better to just relax, surf net, enjoy the free time. :)

The best thing about this year... both Jen and I fulfilled our dreams. We're now the proud owners of our Toyota cars. That's the greatest purchase this year. :P

Ha ha... it's time to write down my new year resolutions again... (it will not have lesser cabs anymore) :P

New Year Resolutions for 2009:

- Keeping my table tidy (as usual)

- Better Time Management

- Clear my SIM

- Take more photos (Ha ha ha)

- Save more $$$

- Buy a new phone

- ...

Alright!!! Let's welcome 2009 to be a great year!!!



2 Exams Down... 2 More to Go...

Today went to Expo for my exams.... still can't get over the super far venue. Find it so stupid to ask us to go to Expo for exam. It's in Hall 3 and they didn't even use up half of the hall. it was only one third/one quarter occupied.

Finished 2 papers today. Quite confident that the first can clear. Not sure about the 2nd one. Not even know what I'm answering... Finally, it was over... the one hour break in between was terrible. Nowhere to go, Nothing to do... so close my eyes to rest... Listened to "cries in a distance" until my i pod go cranky and hang. :P

The train ride was quite okie though it got a bit crowded during the going back time. Went to sis's work place to catch a ride back. Went to buy dinner. We searched a few places for Nasi Lemak and ended up going to Boon Lay shopping centre hawker to buy from 3 different stalls. The one that I bought from not nice. Ha ha. will never go back to that stall again. Craving for nice 'fast food'. :)

Whatever it is, glad that I am one step nearer to my freedom... Another 2 more papers on 10 Nov. Jia You to me!!

25th October 2008

A date to remember. That's the day I met my new companion.
Was very excited and nervous but at the same time scared. It was really a mixed feeling.

On the way there, was so nervous that my hands were very cold. As if I was going to take test. Finally got to go into the car to learn about the new things inside. Finally on my own to drive out, of cos with my mum and sis. Luckily my sis was there to direct me. Ha ha... Must really learn to recognise roads.

Did quite a few wrong things today. Hope I can remember them soon. Quite tiring today though only drove out for lunch and dinner. Kind of missed being driven around by Jie Fu and Jen.

Thanks to Jie Fu for driving me all these years.
Thanks to Jen for driving me these few months and being so thoughful to save my transport even though it's out of the way. Really appreciate it.

Sudoku Challenge 2008

Ha ha... Went for Sudoku Finals today at Vivo... It was really grand with mediacorp artistes and many media reporters, cameras, video cameras.... Wow... scary. :P

My seat number was 69. Brother-in-law's year number. He didn't turn up to support me as he was working but got his number. His number represents him in supporting me.

Finally, it started... my hands were shaking, my face was burning(like I doing mass lesson) and ah...... I made a mistake. Instead of going to find out where the mistake was, I erase everything(about 7 to 8 numbers) Time wasted and finally completed but..... hee.... was the first 25 to be eliminated. :P

Though didn't make it even the first round of the finals, it's a real good experience. Think I must really learn to be calm and not get so nervous. Went to get my cert and letter. Nice cert... with my big name printed on it. Though didn't win any more prizes there, I'm quite happy with my cert. :) Got 2 artistes to sign their names on my cert and took photos. Ha ha. can't believe I actually did that. But it's really fun.

Hee... will still continue to play Sudoku until the next competition. Ha ha ha ha ha....


Poisoned By My Best Friend :P

Got a surprise from my best friend today... After buying the PSP, she has been playing with a game called Puzzle Quest, which I have also tried it in my DS Lite console. The game is like Bejeweled but you're on a quest to conquer more territories and kill enemies through winning the bejeweled-like game. Really addictive.

And now............... I'm poisoned. Ha ha... Been playing it since yesterday... Really fun. Hee..

Going to attend Nelson's first month today... but will be bringing my important task out, that is PUZZLE QUEST. :)

Thanks, best friend.

Xueping's Performance

Today, there's something to look forward to at the end of the day. Because of this, find that today's mood is slightly better as compared to the past few days.

Went to watch my cousin Xueping's performance. She mentioned she'll be in a competition as well.

A familiar place where I used to play badminton was filled with chairs for teachers, guests and students. Sat down on the 2nd row so that I can take pictures. 

The show started with Malay Dance, followed by the story-telling competition, and then it's the cultural quiz. Luckily the chinese quiz is in the hall, (lazy me). Hee... Had a good laugh during the quiz. Though she didn't win the quiz, think she've enjoyed herself there and had a good laugh too. The questions are so difficult that even I myself don't know the answer. (Shh....) :)

Then there was a short break. Saw my ex-pupil. :) Glad to see him, bring back my memories of teaching them. :P

After the refreshments(which we didn't eat but drink), it's the chinese dance performance. She has been practising for the dance. Heard from the MC that it's an award-winning dance. True enough, the dance is very nice and lively. Took a few of her photos though not very well-taken. but definitely can see it's her in the pictures. Ha ha... (My aim is to get a new camera by her next performance I'm watching) Ha ha... 

I'm really proud of her!! Good job, Xueping!! Keep it up!
(photos will be attached tomorrow as sis took my camera away) :P


Yeah!! I Cleared!!!

 Just got my results yesterday...  Managed to clear all the modules this semester. Though the "Donkey" is there, but at least managed to pass all. Got A+, B, B+ and D+. Anyway, I'm quite happy with my results. Hope I can continue to work hard next sem.

So, to reward myself, I went shopping for earrings. Don't know why I kept thinking about buying earrings these few days. Anyway, got many already, so think will not look at earrings for a period of time. (I hope) :P

Back to Square 1. So Sad!!

My long awaited 17 June is all gone... No more flats to select, all the flats have been selected today. Though it's kind of expected from what I see these few days, but can't help feeling disappointed about it. 

Can't buy a car first cos my first priority is to buy a flat, end up now, can't buy car, and can't get a flat of my choice. Everything seems back to square 1.

Don't think there'll be anymore Jurong flats to apply for... Not even sure if there are areas nearby Jurong. Now, they only have North sides like Woodlands etc. Don't want to move so far away...

Don't even dare to think about it now. It's just so diasppointing............................